New Keypads

On September 8th, we installed new keypads at both gate locations.  Code entry will now be required when entering AND exiting the facility.  The new keypads help us streamline operations and improve the security of the facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Did my gate code change? 

No, your gate code is the same code used for the old keypad, but you will now have to push the # key following the gate code (1234#).

Why do I have to enter my code to exit the facility? 

Requiring exit codes improves the security of the facility.

Why won't my code work?

If your account is delinquent, your code will be inactive. 

If you do not know your gate code, please contact us during normal business hours. If this is an emergency, please call 208-452-6422, afterhours charges may apply. 

Still have questions? 

Call us at 208-452-6422